Monday, 10 September 2007

Blackpool Illuminations

The 'Big Switch On' at Blackpool and BBB were taking part! We paraded up and down the promenade throughout the evening, much to the delight of the passing cars and onlookers! Strathmore Cheval looked amazing with all his lights on - we were a true spectacle!! Although it was cold and windy (so much so that we had to take our tent down before we lost it!) and sometimes rainy we carried on regardless - we were having too much fun not to!!

Have a look at some of the photos by clicking here - hopefully some more to follow soon!

Love Rosé


Thursday, 9 August 2007


We were very lucky to be allowed to use the beautiful grounds of Chastleton House for a recent photoshoot, the perfect setting for our own style of opulence! The weather was also gorgeous and we were blessed with sunshine - perfect for wearing our sparkly bikinis! We definately picked the right day, as the heavens opened the following day for the worst rains since records began - I don't think the photos would have turned out quite so well, drenched hair, make-up and costumes is not a good look...

Hopefully some of the photos will be appearing in Hello! magazine sometime in September - keep your eyes peeled!

Click here to see some more of photos from the Chastleton House shoot.

See you soon,

Rosé xx


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